December 15, 2007

Sweden’s epic doomsters Isole strike again with their third full – length release, the forth in general and entitled “Bliss Of Solitude”. Even from the first notes of the album, is obvious that, the change of label (from “I Hate” to “Napalm”) did not affect their music at all. On the contrary, “Bliss of Solitude” is a better, heavier release than the previous one, “Thorne Of void” (2006) reaching the melancholic atmosphere of their first masterpiece “Forevermore” (2005).

December 14, 2007

\r\nI’ll be blunt from the start. This release is the best self financed album I’ve received since the debut album of Synesthesia. Last Day Here come from Slovenia and "From Pieces Created" is their first work. As the title suggests this work is established from many diverse pieces, which come from the soul of the musicians in the band. When all these pieces combine, and inspiration is the mixer, the result is what we listen in this album. \r\n

December 13, 2007

\r\nThis isn’t the new album of Legion Of The Damned. It’s an album that was released in the past by Occult (Legion Of The Damned before the have a name) and it was called "Elegy For The Weak". As the band says their cause isn’t to make more money with this release, it’s just that they wanted to help in the fact that their album was hard to get and so they decided to re release it under a new title Feel The Blade so they can also play it live. I am not going to comment on their gesture, however I’d rather listen to anew album of the band.

December 12, 2007

Sweden’s Deville, return with their second release, after the split CD with Sergej the Freak. The new album entitled “Come heavy Sleep” and with this one, Deville provide us with 13 compositions (11 tracks plus Intro / Outro) in the classic stoner rock forms with references to bands like: Kyuss, Queens Of The Stone Age and of course Black Sabbath. The album flows very smoothly, without certain originalities, except the track named “Black Dawn” in which track Deville added more Psychedelic elements.

December 12, 2007

\r\nΤο 2004 είχαμε παρουσιάσει τους Γερμανούς Deadborn μέσα\r\nαπÏŒ το ÏŒταν\r\nείχαν κυκλοφορήσει το EP "Decades Of Decapitation".\r\nΟι κριτικές που είχ&epsilo

December 12, 2007

\r\nFor those who do not know, Hardcore Superstar don’t play Hardcore despite their name. For those who they want learn, Hardcore Superstar are a Swedish band, which has until now made enormous success in its country and thanks to this album it appears that it will become more widely known. Their music cannot enter in some concrete musical genre, it is however obvious that it’s influences emanate so much from the space of Glam of/Sleaze Rock of what Hard Rock.

December 11, 2007

After releasing "Eight Moons” and “Empires of the World", Biomechanical is back with their third full length album, with Gus Drax and Chris Ban Hayden on the guitars, Andrian Lambert on bass, Jonno Lodge on drums and of course John K on vocals. The album contains 10 tracks, and it is mixed by Chris Tsangarides. No doubt, it’s difficult to categorize this band. Extreme progressive, like it says on the promo, death/thrash, industrial?

December 11, 2007

\r\nInfected Malignity come from Tokyo and Re:bel is their first release which is Mini – EP. However the result is truly professional and fulfilled. We could say that the band is within the Brutal Death genre but if you listen closely there are other elements entwining in Re:bel.

December 09, 2007

Ship Ahoooy!!! The Scottish band Alestorm, set sails from the Highlands to conquer the seven seas. Equipped themselves this some ale, some rum, many beautiful melodies and of course, plenty of backing chorus vocals. Their music can be described as folklore similar to bands like, Korpiklaani and Waylander and of course many Influences by the all time leading Pirates Running Wild.

December 08, 2007

\r\nAngel Of Eden is the new band project of Artension’s guitarist Roger Stafffelbach and "End Of Never" is the beginning of his new musical branch along with a group of a most respected musicians standing by his side, including Carsten "Lizard" Schulz [Evidence One, ex Domain], Mistheria [solo, Bruce Dickinson] on the keyboards, Rami Ali [Evidence One] sitting behind the drumkit a

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