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April 20, 2018

Summon Parazv - Il Zilittv [Full-length] Black/Death Metal

StoneLake - Thunder and Rain [Full-length] Melodic Heavy Metal

Adzalaan - Into Vermilion Mirrors [Full-length] Black Metal

Serum Dreg - Lustful Vengeance [Full-length] Black/Death Metal

Dagger Lust - Siege Bondage Adverse to the Godhead [Full-length] Black/Death Metal

Scarificare - Tilasm [Full-length] Black Metal

Bullet - Dust to Gold [Full-length] Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

Djevel - Blant svarte graner [Full-length] Black Metal

Morbid Reich - An Endless Heretic Advocacy [EP] Death/Black Metal

Stryper - God Damn Evil [Full-length] Heavy Metal, Hard Rock

Enslaved - Hordanes Land [EP] Progressive Black/Viking Metal

Golgothan Remains - Perverse Offerings to the Void [Full-length] Death Metal

Graveir - Cenotaph [EP] Black Metal

Master Boot Record - Direct Memory Access [Full-length] Industrial/Electronic Metal, Synthwave/Chiptune

Coldnight - Celestial Sepulchral [Full-length] Ambient/Black Metal/Experimental

Pino Scotto - Eye For An Eye [Full-length] Hard Rock, Heavy metal

Melvins - Pinkus Abortion Technician [Full-length] Sludge Metal, Various

Estate - Mirrorland [Full-length] Symphonic Power Metal

Asphodelia - Welcome Apocalypse [Full-length] Symphonic Metal

Dark Buddha Rising - II [EP] Psychedelic Drone/Sludge/Doom Metal

Poly-Math - House Of Wisdom | We Are The Devil Post-rock, Math rock

Vomitor -  Pestilent Death [Full-length] Death/Thrash Metal

La Armada - Anti-colonial Vol. 1 [Full-length] Hardcore Punk, Crossover/Thrash Metal

Wiegedood - De doden hebben het goed III [Full-length] Black Metal

Celtachor - Fiannaoνcht [Full-length] Celtic Folk/Black Metal

Ivar Bjornson & Einar Selvik - Hugsjα [Full-length] Neofolk with Progressive Black Metal influences

Abolishment of Flesh - The Inhuman Condition [Full-length] Melodic Death Metal

King Goat - Debt of Aeons [Full-length] Progressive Doom Metal

Vulture - The Guillotine [Full-length] Speed/Thrash Metal

Ghastly - Death Velour [Full-length] Death Metal

Black Stone Cherry - Family Tree [Full-length] Hard Rock

Gus G. - Fearless [Full-length] Heavy Metal/Shred

Chabtan - Nine Levels [Full-length] Death Metal/Deathcore

Ross the Boss - By Blood Sworn [Full-length] Heavy/Power Metal

Abramis Brama - Tusen Ar [Full-length] Stoner Metal/Rock

A Perfect Circle - Eat The Elephant [Full-length] Rock, Hard Rock

Demon Head - The Resistance [EP] Doom Metal/Hard Rock

Bison - Earthbound [EP] Stoner/Sludge Metal

Temperance - Of Jupiter and Moons [Full-length] Melodic Heavy Metal

Vyre - Weltformel [Full-length] Avant-garde/Post-Metal

Chrch - Light Will Consume Us All [EP] Doom Metal, Sludge Metal

Svederna - Svedjeland [Full-length] Black Metal

Hades Archer - Temple of the Impure [Full-length] Black Metal

TesseracT - Sonder [Full-length] Progressive Math Metal, Djent

Nocturnal Feelings - Baarkant [Full-length] Black Metal

Reign in Blood - Diabolical Katharsis [Full-length] Black Metal

Sense of Fear - As the Ages Passing By... [Full-length] Heavy Metal

Skindred - Big Tings [Full-length] Nu metal, Alternative metal, Ragga

Weapon UK - Rising From The Ashes' [Full-length] Heavy Metal

Mordor - Darkness... [Full-length] Doom/Death Metal, Gothic Rock

Assumption - Absconditus [Full-length] Doom/Death Metal

Horizons Edge - Let the Show Go On [Full-length] Power Metal

Varmia - W ciele nie [Full-length] Black/Folk Metal

Transcendence - Hour of the Summoning [EP] Death/Thrash Metal

Desekryptor / Draghkar Desekryptor / Draghkar [Split] Death Metal | Death Metal

Gurd - Propaganda Baby [EP] Thrash/Groove Metal

Wild Hunt - Afterdream of the Reveller [Full-length] Progressive Doom/Post-Black Metal

Kly - Szczerzenie Full-length Atmospheric Black Metal

Excommunicated - Death Devout [Full-length] Black/Death Metal

Serum Dreg - Lustful Vengeance [Full-length] Black/Death Metal

Dagger Lust - Siege Bondage Adverse to the Godhead [Full-length] Black/Death Metal

Daethorn / Ordeals Ordeals / Daethorn [Split] Black Metal | Black/Death/Doom Metal

Inkvisitor - Dark Arts of Sanguine Rituals [Full-length] Thrash/Speed Metal

Dokken - Return to the East Live (2016) Live album Heavy Metal, Hard Rock

Wolftooth - Wolftooth [Full-length] Heavy/Doom Metal

Ocean of Illusions - Ocean of Illusions [EP] Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore

Cult of the Fox - By the Styx [Full-length] Heavy Metal

Trautonist - Ember [Full-length] Post-Black Metal

Wendess - MMXXIII [Full-length] Black Metal

Voland - Voland [EP] Symphonic/Folk Black Metal

Psychework - Karelian Hills [Full-length] Heavy Metal

Organectomy - Domain of the Wretched [Full-length] Brutal Death Metal

Occlith - Obscure Heresies [EP] Black/Doom/Sludge Metal

Tormentor - Recipe Ferrum! 777 [Full-length] Black Metal, Experimental Rock

Underoath - Erase Me [Full-length] Metalcore (early), Alternative Rock/Post-Hardcore/Metalcore (later)

Ghostblood - Honey, I Raised the Dead [Full-length] Death/Thrash Metal

Anarchist - Wolves To the Barricades [EP] Black Metal

Malachia Red Sunrise - The Complete Anthology [Compilation] Melodic Heavy Metal

Nonpoint Factor Depression '94 Demo Thrash Metal

Wolves' Winter - Necrosophic Illumination [EP] Raw Black Metal

Earth Flight - Riverdragons & Elephant Dreams [Full-length] Doom Metal/Hard Rock

Saffire - Where the Monsters Dwell [Full-length] Progressive Metal

Der Stürmer Hail to Finland [Live album] Black Metal

Elfsgedroch Burchten van 't Hooghe Noorden [Single] Black Metal

Elfsgedroch Dwalend bij Nacht en Ontij [EP] Black Metal

HeKz - Invicta [Full-length] Heavy Metal

April 21, 2018

Inferi - Revenant [Full-length] Melodic Death Metal), Technical/Melodic Death Metal)

Bison - Earthbound [EP] Stoner/Sludge Metal

Putrid / Pathetic Devorando carne divina Split Blackened Thrash/Death Metal | Death Metal

AC/DC - Back In Black [Cassette] Hard Rock

Celtic Frost - Tragic Serenades [EP] Thrash/Death/Black Metal, Gothic/Doom Metal

Motörhead - Heroes [Single] Speed Metal, Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

Kreator - Behind the Mirror [Single] Thrash Metal

Voivod - Too Scared to Scream [Single] Thrash Metal, Progressive Metal

Def Leppard Live at Abbey Road [EP] NWOBHM , Hard Rock, Pop Rock)

Saxon - Princess of the Night [Single] NWOBHM, Heavy Metal

Soundgarden - A-Sides [Compilation] Stoner/Heavy Metal, Grunge

Morbid Angel - Kingdoms Disdained [Full-length] Death Metal

Europe - Walk The Earth [Picture Disc] Hard Rock

Indica Blues - Hymns for a Dying Realm [Full-length] Psychedelic Doom Metal

Whitesnake - 1987 30th Anniversary Edition [Picture Disc] Hard Rock

Disturbed - The Lost Children [Full-length] Heavy Metal

Necrotic Mutation - The Realm of Human Illusions [EP] Technical Death Metal

Striborg - Spiritual Catharsis [Full-length] Black Metal/Ambient

Brutal God - The Day of the Lord [Full-length] Brutal Death Metal

Cauldron - Letting Go [Single] Heavy Metal

Jungle Rot - What Horrors Await [Full-length] Death Metal

Afraid of - Destiny Agony [Full-length] Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal

April 22, 2018

Striborg - Mysterious Semblance [Full-length] Black Metal/Ambient

Plagis - Abysswalker [Full-length] Black Metal

Forgotten Silence - Kras [Full-length] Experimental Progressive Death Metal/Folk/Jazz

April 23, 2018

Cardiac Arrest - A Parallel Dimension of Despair [Full-length] Death Metal

Shrine of the Serpent - Entropic Disillusion [Full-length] Doom/Sludge/Death Metal

Vahrzaw - Husk [Full-length] Black/Death Metal

Petrification - Hollow of the Void [Full-length] Death Metal

Stormzone - Lucifer's Factory [Full-length] Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

Nozomu Wakai's Destinia - Metal Souls [Full-length] Power Metal

Wrathrone - Reflections of Torment [Full-length] Death Metal/Death 'n' Roll

Hirax - Born in the Streets 1983-1984 [Compilation] Thrash/Speed Metal/Crossover

April 24, 2018

Voight Kampff - Substance rκve [Full-length] Thrash Metal

Internal Suffering - Chaotic Matrix [Full-length] Technical Brutal Death Metal

Seventh Angel - The Torment [Full-length] Thrash/Doom Metal (early), Melodic Death/Doom Metal (later)

April 25, 2018

Device - Godless [EP] Death/Thrash Metal

Necrophobic - Mark of the Necrogram [Full-length] Death/Black Metal

Chevalier - Chapitre II [EP] Heavy/Speed Metal

Wormlight - Wrath of the Wilds [Full-length] Black Metal

Estate - Mirrorland [Full-length] Symphonic Power Metal

Dragonlance - Night Blade [Single] Symphonic Power Metal

Kamelot - The Shadow Theory [Full-length] Progressive/Melodic Power Metal

Saber Tiger - Live: Halos and Glare [Video] Heavy Metal, Power/Progressive Metal

Internal Suffering - Choronzonic Force Domination [Full-length] Technical Brutal Death Metal

Magister Dixit - Their Blood, Their Sweat, Their Tears [Full-length] Melodic Black Metal

April 26, 2018

Aetranok - Kingdoms of the Black Sepulcher [Full-length] Black Metal

Hetroertzen - Flying Across the Misty Gardens [Full-length] Black Metal

Goat Worship - Shore of the Dead [Full-length] Black Metal

April 27, 2018

Anthrax - Kings Among Scotland [Video] Speed/Thrash Metal, Groove Metal

Krull - The Black Coast [Full-length] Heavy/Power Metal

Varathron - Patriarchs of Evil [Full-length] Black Metal

Ingested - The Level Above Human [Full-length] Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore

Boss Keloid - Melted on the Inch [Full-length] Sludge Metal

Blitzkrieg - Judge Not! [Full-length] Heavy Metal, NWOBHM

Kobra and the Lotus - Prevail II [Full-length] Heavy Metal

Pungent Stench - First Recordings [Compilation] Death Metal

Totalselfhatred - Solitude [Full-length] Depressive Black Metal

Toundra - Vortex [Full-length] Atmospheric Post-Metal

Aura Noir - Aura Noire [Full-length] Black/Thrash Metal

Cruachan - Nine Years of Blood [Full-length] Celtic Folk/Black Metal

Society's Plague - Call to the Void [Full-length] Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore

Dawn Ray'd - The Unlawful Assembly [Full-length] Atmospheric Black Metal

Blood Tsunami - Grave Condition [Full-length] Thrash Metal

Riot V - Armor of Light [Full-length] Heavy/Power/Speed Metal

Circle of Silence - The Crimson Throne [Full-length] Power Metal

Forty Shades - Blackstar Diamond [Full-length] Heavy/Progressive Metal

Behemoth - Messe Noire Live album Black Metal, Black/Death Metal

Gatekeeper - East of Sun [Full-length] Epic Heavy/Doom Metal

Thrust - Harvest of Souls [Full-length] Heavy/Power Metal

Samson - Look to the Future, Refugee & P.S... [Boxed set] NWOBHM

Chevalier - A Call to Arms [EP] Heavy/Speed Metal

Graveyard - Back to the Mausoleum [EP] Death Metal

Pact - Enigmata [Full-length] Black Metal

Alight - Spiral of Silence [Full-length] Gothic Metal

Voices - Frightened [Full-length] Progressive Black/Death Metal

Pripjat - Chain Reaction [Full-length] Thrash/Speed Metal

Occultum - In Nomine Rex Inferni [Full-length] Black Metal

Crystal Ball - Crystallizer [Full-length] Melodic Power Metal

Mortuus Sum - Into the Abyss (The Final Descent) [EP] Black Metal

Tomorrow's Eve - Mirror of Creation III - Project Ikaros [Full-length] Progressive Metal

Pharaoh Overlord - Zero [Full-length] Stoner/Psychedelic Rock, Heavy/Speed Metal, Experimental

Daemonheim - Widerwelt [Full-length] Black Metal

Totalselfhatred - Apocalypse in Your Heart [Full-length] Depressive Black Metal

Totalselfhatred - Totalselfhatred [Full-length] Depressive Black Metal

Spitefuel - Dreamworld Collapse [Full-length] Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

Mortuorial Eclipse - Urushdaur [Full-length] Symphonic Black Metal

Schrat - Alptraumganger [Full-length] Black Metal

Traitor - Knee-Deep in the Dead [Full-length] Thrash Metal

Mortician - Zombie Massacre Live Live album Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore

Necroexophilia - Intergalactic Armageddon [Full-length] Brutal Death Metal

Cruentis - Alpha and Omega [Full-length] Progressive/Post-Black Metal

Wicked Witch - Wicked Witch of Boston [Full-length] Heavy Metal

Stranger - The Bell [Full-length] Power/Speed Metal, Melodic Hard Rock

Lie in Ruins - Demise [EP] Death Metal

Karma Violens - Serpent God [Full-length] Metalcore

April 28, 2018

Aborted Fetus - The Ancient Spirits of Decay [Full-length] Brutal Death Metal

Greydon Fields - Tunguska [Full-length] Heavy/Thrash Metal

Thrashist Regime - Carnival of Monsters [Full-length] Thrash Metal

Retch - Anathema [Full-length] Black/Thrash Metal

Golgatha - The Ascendant [Full-length] Progressive Metal

Daging - Nafsu [Full-length] Brutal Death Metal

April 30, 2018

Aornos - The Great Scorn [Full-length] Black Metal

Endless Descent - Dead End [EP] Death Metal, Death/Groove Metal

Golden Dawn - The Art of Dreaming [Full-length] Melodic Black/Gothic Metal

Vessel of Iniquity - Vessel of Iniquity [EP] Black/Death Metal, Noise

Depravity - Evil Upheaval [Full-length] Death Metal

High Council - Held in Contempt [Full-length] Heavy Metal

Trna - Earthcult [Full-length] Post-Black Metal

Sallow Moth - Deathspore [EP] Death Metal

Drakon - Fire Walk with Me [Full-length] Symphonic Metal

Golgota - From the Grave [EP] Symphonic Black Metal

Vvilderness - Devour the Sun [Full-length] Post-Black Metal

Kalmankantaja / Iku-Turso Ikuinen tuli [Split] Depressive Black Metal, Atmospheric Black Metal | Black Metal

Beyond Shadows - Escape from Reality [Full-length] Melodic Death Metal

Haissem - Hatavism EP Melodic Black Metal

Haissem - Maze of Perverted Fantasies [Full-length] Melodic Black Metal

Inferi - Revenant [Full-length] Melodic Death Metal, Technical/Melodic Death Metal

Hizha - Desolate Marshlands [EP] Black Metal

Nyctophilia - Kόbler - Ross Model [EP] Black Metal

Olxane - Primitive Casket [EP] Atmospheric Black Metal

Primogenorum - Damned Hearts in the Abyss of Madness [Full-length] Black Metal

Panchrysia - Dogma [Full-length] Black Metal

Whalesong - Disorder Deconstructed [Full-length] Industrial Metal

Abandoned by Light - And Here I Stand, Betwixt Light and Dark [Full-length] Depressive Black Metal

Dwarrowdelf - The Sons of Feanor [Full-length] Epic Black Metal

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