David T. Chastain has announced the release of two "Odd Ball" collections.


Odd Ball is a collection of over 2 hours of instrumentals culled from David T. Chastain's vast catalog of instrumental releases. David's unique ability to play so many different styles so well is a testament to David's longevity as a musician. This collection showcases his ability to play metal, hard rock, fusion, jam, blues, classical and other esoteric styles.

David states: "I have always played a little outside of the box and more than once was categorized as 'Odd' so I set about putting together tracks that are a little out of the ordinary to capitalize on that nomenclature."

Odd Ball Demos And Live Stuff is a collection of live music and demos of instrumentals from David's career. Many never before heard by the public. This collection showcases his ability to play a wide array of musical styles in a rawer environment.

David states: "This collection has a lot energy that a studio recording sometimes lacks when you set about layering track after track after track. I hadn't heard many of these in years and was surprised how well they held up in their stripped down format."

David's final words on the release: "To be honest I don't know if I will ever record another all new instrumental release. I feel these collections, that are in reality 4 albums worth of material, will make a good statement on my instrumental music. There are some new arrangements that the serious fan should recognize. I am pretty proud all in all with the way things turned out.

For ordering options, head to Leviathan Records.

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