THE GREEK CURSED BLOOD ON War Anthem Records - Debut MCD/MLP in October

War Anthem Records proudly announce the signing of Greek CURSED BLOOD! Although a fairly new act, all four members have been involved in different bands for the last 25 years like Dead Congregation, Burial Hordes, Sarabante, Vulnus, Satan´s Wrath and Nuclear Winter. The idea behind CURSED BLOOD was to play death metal with a crusty-punk attitude referring to bands like Entombed, Disfear or Autopsy.

The MCD/MLP "Taker Of Life" will be released by the end of October via War Anthem Records (Europe/World) and Creator Destructor Records (USA).

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1. The World of Madness
2. Silent Era
3. Taker of Life
4. Nailed
5. Thorns and Nails
6. Backlash Rampage
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