Hard rockers Horisont have decided to break up after 15 years and six full length releases. The Swedes have also confirmed two final shows in their homeland - in Gothenburg (Pustervik) on October 30th and at Muskelrock festival next year.

Horisont's statement as follows: "All good things must come to an end... Fifteen years, two EPs, six LPs, countless shows and hours on the road all over the world. Life changes and priorities shift.

"The decision to place Horisont in the rear view mirror has not been an easy one - but it does none the less feel, for all of us, like the right thing to do. There are no bad or bitter feelings between us, we are all just ready for something new, something else.

"As a last ode to our long and winding career as Horisont we will perform two last shows. October 30th we play at our favourite venue in Gothenburg, Pustervik, where we have had so many good times through the years. And In 2022, for the big finale, our last concert, we will play at the hard rock festival Muskelrock. It seems fitting for us to end it all with a bang at one of the worlds best hard rock festivals as we’ve always had a special place in our hearts for Muskelrock! Hope to see you there for our final show and lots of beer."

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