Hunter from Belgium released Lockdown-video from the song "Glorious"

Hunter from  Belgium brings us heavy metal. They already did put themselves a bit in the picture through a demo and since April 2019 they are back with their first full length. Musically it all tastes like a mixture from Iron Maiden meets Judas Priest meets Manilla Road meets Metal Church meets Omen meets Cirith Ungol. On April 27th 2019 their first long-player, called 'Hunter', has been released as an Independent Release.

On March 18th 2020, Belgium entered lockdown over the Coronavirus crisis. Gigs were cancelled, and like all other bands the Belgian band Hunter hasn't rehearsed in two months because of all measures the government needed to take. And at this point, in May 2020, they still can’t enter their rehearsal room. So they are practising their songs at home. As a testament of time, here is their quarantine video clip from the song “Glorious” where they welcome you to their homes. Enjoy and stay safe.


Joost Vlasschaert - Guitar
Thomas Abeel - Guitar
Jeroen Wauters - Bass
Dries Deturck - Drums
David Walgrave – Vocals


Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 11.59.58 AM_0.png

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