After 4 years, Ruthless drummer Joe Aghassi has decided to leave the band for personal reasons. Heavy metal veterans already confirmed Bobby Guitrau as the full time replacement. Also new force in the band is the guitarist Glen Alan-Paul

Ruthless will soon go into the studio to record a new album, the successor to 2019's Evil Within.

The band was in 1982 founded by the singer and guitarist Sammy DeJohn Ken McGee. A short time later, the guitarist Rolle Lagman, the drummer Todd Billings and the bassist Jack Black joined the cast. Appearances with Slayer Great White and Leatherwolf. After a demo in 1984, a contract with Iron Works. About this the EP Metal without Mercy was released towards the end of the year , which was produced by Bill Metoyer

The EP was released by Banzai Records and in Europe by Ax Killer Records licensed. The cover design was completely changed and some of the musicians were given artist names. In 1986 the first and only album Discipline of Steel followed on Ax Killer Records. In 1990, it came to the dissolution of the band. In 1997 the EP and the album were re-released together on CD , the edition of which was limited to 2000 copies. In 2008 the band reunited to perform with UFO in the United States. In April 2009, the group also played on the Keep It True. In addition, through Graveyard Productions Metal without Mercy re-mastered and re-released, with the two unreleased songs Winds of War and White Death from 1988 included as a bonus.

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