Accept have released the new video below, with Martin Motnik stating: "I'm showing you how I played the bass on our album Too Mean To Die. This is song no. 9, 'How Do We Sleep'."

Accept have been flying the flag of classic metal for decades, and with their latest album, Too Mean To Die, they have once again proven themselves to be international chart stormers with top 10 placings worldwide. Now, after a long absence due to Corona, they are proud to announce they will finally be returning to European stages in 2022, with their usual driving energy full of irrepressible power. They will be playing the new album Too Mean To Die and the Accept classics.

For decades, Accept have stood for pure metal, great melodies and unforgettable live moments. Their three exceptional guitarists will undoubtedly transform audiences into a surging mass and blow the virus into oblivion. Because, according to Wolf Hoffmann: "We are too mean to die! Weeds do not die! Accept won't let it get them down!"

Guitarist Philip Shouse adds: "The best thing that will happen for us is to go to the airport, get on a plane, fly to you and play a big, fantastic gig."

Accept will be supported in Europe by none other than Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, who unforgettably brought venues around the world to boiling point with Motörhead and stands for pure Rock N Roll. The US speed/thrash wrecking ball veterans Flotsam And Jetsam complete the billing.


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