Aussie rockers, Airbourne, have laid out plans to begin work on their new album. Set for release in 2023, the new set will follow on from 2019’s Boneshaker. The band made the revelation about the album in a brand new chat with eonmusic.

Speaking about the road to the new release, drummer Ryan O’Keeffe said: “We’re getting ready to do an end of the year tour and then another album. Soon we’ll be making another record."

Chatting about how the band deliberately held off on recording during the pandemic, front man Joel O’Keeffe said: “We did make an executive decision during lockdown not to be too focused on trying to make rock and roll songs that make you feel very good in an environment where you’re depressed and you’re being held down by the man."

His brother added: “We wanted to see people again and play to crowds again before we even think about it; that’s what we’ve always done."

Talking about their plans, Ryan continued: “To make the record, it’ll be coming down to picking a producer, picking a studio, giving us some time to put together what we have, but more importantly, the riffs that we’re making out here, now. This is how we wanted to do it; we wanted to make a record when we’re rockin’, and there’s people, and the crowd is there, and then, we come offstage and throw down this and that, and put it all together."

Regarding a release date, he concluded: “Hopefully it’ll be released sometime late next year."

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Airbourne's fall 2022 North American tour kicks off September 9 in New York City and runs through October 11 in Los Angeles. Support will come from XX. Dates are below. Tickets are on sale here.

The tour is the band's first US and Canadian run since the release of 2019's Boneshaker. The band recently released the video for "Burnout The Nitro" from the album. Watch it below.

"We are from Melbourne, the most locked down city in the world. Unleashed at last, Airbourne are the most set-free animals on the planet. Look out," the band says. "They wouldn’t let us in for two years, and after this tour, they'll never let us back. Get your tickets - NOW OR NEVER!!"

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