earMUSIC has released the video below, featuring Annihilator performing the title track from the album King Of The Kill (originally released in 1995) live at the Masters Of Rock festival in 2008.

The video has been remastered in HD for the first time. Enjoy Annihilator at its best, in front of 30.000 metal fans.

Annihilator frontman / founder, Jeff Waters, invited fans to show up at the Newcastle, UK train station on Sunday, March 5 at Costa Coffee to hang out with him and bassist Rich Gray. He checked in with an update and photo gallery from the day.

Waters: "Speechless. What can I say other than THANK YOU to all the fans and friends that showed up to our fun Newcastle Train Stn. hangout! So many people, so many stories and I am grateful to meet you all! Thanks, too, for the awesome gifts!!! We all sure caused quite a fun disturbance and it was cool that station security joined in and approved!!! Looking forward to seeing all of you on the big tour coming."

Additionally, Rush On Rock has shared a recap  of the afternoon and some photos, as well as a short interview with Waters. An excerpt is below.

Waters: "It was just a goofy idea. I was sitting around wondering whether I had any fans left! On Facebook, sometimes the filters kick in but every time I put the words ‘UK’, ‘Durham’ or ‘Newcastle’ in there, they’d get through and I was thinking to myself I might just have a few fans in this area. I’m always going to see concerts at the City Hall and I’d planned to catch Blaze Bayley at Trillians, so I thought why don’t I test this theory? I just put up a few goofy posts suggesting we all meet up at Newcastle Central Station in front of Costa and the rest is pleasant history!”

Check out the complete recap, interview and photos here.

A photo gallery is available on the Annihilator Facebook page here.


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