The Chronomaster Project is proud to present their first single: "The End Of My World?"

The Chronomaster Project was born from the desire of Fabio Rancati and Lele Mr. Triton to create a project which combines a high-quality story with great music in a metal opera able to narrate the deeds of the Chronomaster. 

The band  wrote :

“The song takes us to the early stages of the story, right after the creation of the Cronomante, the android chosen from TAU-1 to save their planet and the whole universe. The Cronomante has just taken full consciousness of its faculties and skills, and gathered all the data it needs for his mission. But its gestation and birth left TAU-1 with an irreversibly low energetic level, under the threshold needed for survival. The Cronomante has no choice but to get on his spaceship and leave towards one of the first known coordinates. As it leaves the planet's atmosphere, the android sees TAU-1 slowly switching off and at the mercy of the ENEMIES fleet”.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 12.52.54 AM_0.png

Line up: 

Fabio Rancati: story, producer

Lele Mr Triton: keyboards

Luigi Jamundo: main composer, guitars, bass

Giorgio Novarino: bass

Enrico "Erk" Scutti: vocals

Carlos Cantatore: drums

Leonardo Porcheddu: lead guitars

Douglas R. Docker: lyrics


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