This Friday, the Swedes Count Raven will put out their sixth full length instalment The Sixth Storm. Before the latter officially hits the streets, check out another new song in advance called "The Ending".

It is now possible to pre-order Count Raven’s highly anticipated upcoming album, The Sixth Storm, on CD and very limited cassette at Bandcamp.

The cassette is limited to 200 copies (100 with red and 100 with black shell). The Swedish doom metal bringers' sixth full-length is due for release on October 29th via I Hate Records and the song “The Giver And The Taker" is available for streaming here.

Twelve years might seem like an unusually long time to hibernate. Then again, Sweden's doom legends Count Raven is one of those rare few bands with absolutely nothing left to prove.

In their early beginnings, Count Raven released not one or two but three bonafide doom classics in as many years. Really, either of "Storm Warning" (1990), "Destruction of the Void" (1992) or "High on Infinity" (1993) is as fine an example as you can find of that crushing, Sabbathian traditional doom – which at the time was spearheaded by the Swedes, alongside the bands of the Maryland doom scene.

Count Raven also solidified their status with one of the most spectacular comeback albums in doom, 2009's "Mammons War". With such a track record, it had better be worth it if the raven is to spread its wings and grace gray autumn skies again, right?
Despite some personnel changes around guitarist/singer Dan Fondelius, the new outing "The Sixth Storm" bears all the trademarks of a band that knows exactly what it is and where it comes from. Had Count Raven not been a band so typically not prone to cliches, "Well worth the wait" would have been an apt album title.


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