Enshadowed - "Stare Into the Abyss"Black Metal from Greece

Enshadowed was born back in 1998. The vision of the band was to create underground black metal art at a unique level. The Scandinavian sound was the main influence but not the only. Until 2001 released 4 demo releases. In the year 2002, the debut was finally out. In the all next years, Enshadowed was again and again in the studio. Many EP releases recorded and released from underground labels. Enshadowed took a part in many live shows, supporting also great bands like Mayhem, Dodheimsgard, Impaled Nazarene, Dark Funeral, Nargaroth and more. The flame of creativity is still burning and the fourth full-length album "Stare Into The Abyss"  will be released on June 30th 2020 through Odium Records. 

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1. An Aspect Of Chaos
2. The Great Animist
3. Beyond The Knowlege Of Truth
4. Blackend Mouth Of Despair
5. Divided You Fall
6. A Form Of Agony
7. Entropy Of men

Serpent - Vocals
Necro - Guitars
Golgotha - Bass

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