FIREWOLFE recruits original HEIR APPARENT frontman PAUL DAVIDSON as new vocalist

FIREWOLFE, the traditional U.S. metal outfit known for their eponymous debut release "FIREWOLFE" 2010 and its critically acclaimed sophomore effort "WE RULE THE NIGHT" 2014, Limb Music, have officially completed their line-up with the addition of legendary original HEIR APPARENT vocalist PAUL DAVIDSON!

Davidson, as well as FIREWOLFE founder Nick Layton (guitar), former TKO guitarist Michael David, bassist Bobby Ferkovich (Heir Apparent, Presto Ballet, Pamela Moore) and drummer Jeffrey McCormack ( Heir Apparent, Fifth Angel, Nightshade, Q5), have begun work on the band's third album to be released in early 2021 via Limb Music.

The group is also finalizing European tour dates for March 2021, including the prestigious "UP THE HAMMERS" Festival in Athens Greece. These dates are a must-see as they mark Davidson's triumphant return to European soil since the late 80s when touring for the release of the classic HEIR APPARENT album "GRACEFUL INHERITANCE".

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