The Greek heavy metal veterans Marauder will release their new album Metal Constructions VII on March 10 via Pitch Black Records. The new record is a winning mix of muscular heavy and power metal. Preorder here.

With the lyric video for “Rock Fighters” fans have one more example of what to expect from Marauder‘s new album – wonderful melodies, warm vocals, and well-composed solos.

For any lover of traditional heavy metal guitar work, it is pure joy to behold the melodic and harmonic interplay that permeates the new Marauder material. Most easily notable this time around is of course the recruitment of Greek metal scene strongmen Tassos Krokodilos (vocals) and Nick “Yngve” Samios (drums). With his soaring voice having just recently graced the latest album by Hellenic old school act Spitfire, the securing of Tassos Krokodilos as the band’s new vocalist keeps Marauder’s tradition of fine, charismatic frontmen alive. Moreover, the act of pairing the ever-reliable (and seemingly indefatigable!) Nick Samios with long-standing bassist Thodoris Paralis have resulted in what is arguably the strongest rhythmic backbone for the band so far.

Metal Constructions VII was recorded at CND Studios in Athens, Greece. Mixing and mastering by David Prudent at Made In Hell Studios, always in Athens.

MarauderMetalConstructionsVII (1)_0.jpg

“Strike Back Again”
“Shout It Out”
“Under Her Spell”
“Rock Fighters”
“The Iron Mask”
“Holy Bible”
“Never Die”
“The Son Of God”

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