European progressive/hard rock group Headless - composed of former members of Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum and Elegy - have released a new animated music video for their brand new song, “Withered Flowers”. The standalone single - which is now available for streaming and download on all digital platforms here - features a blistering lead from guest guitarist Jeff Young (ex-Megadeth, Badi Assad, Kings Of Thrash).


“Being a huge Megadeth fan, I invited my idol and new friend Jeff Young to shred with us on this new one,” tells Headless guitarist Walter Cianciusi. “I could barely believe my ears when listening to his performance the first time. He’s amazing.”

At the end of this month, Headless will join singer Geoff Tate on his European shows promoting 35 years of Queensrÿche's classic concept album Operation: Mindcrime. “Withered Flowers” was specifically recorded for Headless’ upcoming tour supporting the legendary singer’s tour across Europe.

"It’s a song really reminiscent of Geoff Tate’s material, composed to properly celebrate the occasion of a tour together,” states Headless guitarist Dario Parente.

Walter and Dario should know Geoff’s material as the duo have performed as the singer’s guitar team for several years now, including appearing on the latest Sweet Oblivion album.

While “Withered Flowers” features the voice Göran Edman, who’s fronted Headless since 2011, getting his start in Sweden four decades ago fronting a variety melodic and progressive hard rock bands beginning with the likes of Madison, Swedish Erotica, Glory and more known internationally for lead vocals on albums by Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum, and Karmakanic. But Göran will be absent on these live shows, instead the group will be fronted by another notable name.

“For this leg of the tour Göran was unavailable due to a very significant family issue,” explains Headless bassist Matin Helmantel. “I’m sad for him but at the same time I’m very enthusiastic to share the stage - after 23 years - with my bandmate in Elegy - Ian Parry, who will be filling in for Göran.”

Ian Parry is another recognized presence in melodic rock and progressive metal circles, whose name while most associated with Elegy, has also recorded with Vengeance and his own Consortium Project amongst others.

Other than “Withered Flowers,” Headless continue to promote their M-Theory Audio debut, Square One, an underrated album of classic rock, metal and progressive qualities balancing a fine line between all and showcasing some infectious, at times intellectual, and other times a pure fun rock record. The album is available on CD, with two variant colored vinyl options and on all digital platforms.


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