Helloween have released a video for "Out For The Glory", the opening track of the band's new, self-titled album. Watch below.

"I had an idea for a video where all band members are depicted as dinky, odd noble courtiers and ministers," Michael Weikath explains. "All of us should be floating in the clouds, Deris as a nutty emperor… and after a while more and more details came up and at one point in time we wrote everything down and sent the video concept to the Australian animation team."

Aaron McLoughlin, Senior Lecturer at RMIT University in Melbourne, who has already been involved in several projects with Atomic Fire Records CEO Florian Milz mentioned: "When I heard that Helloween is interested in a collaboration I was totally gobsmacked. The boys are my absolute heroes since I was a teenager and I was sure that my students would love to work on a song by this band."

Helloween's new self-titled album is available via Nuclear Blast. Head here to order Helloween in your format of choice.

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"Out For The Glory"
"Fear Of The Fallen"
"Best Time"
"Mass Pollution"
"Rise Without Chains"
"Robot King"
"Down In The Dumps"

Bonus tracks Mediabook & Vinyl:
"Golden Times"
"Save My Hide"

Bonus tracks Earbook:
"Golden Times"
"Save My Hide"
"Pumpkins United"

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