Jack Starr's Burning Starr have unveiled the first video from their forthcoming new album, Souls Of The Innocent, released by Global Rock Records July 15 worldwide.

The first video and first music released from the forthcoming new album is once again what Burning Starr do best... US power metal. The new video showcases the bands new lineup in a setting they are most comfortable... performing.

Watch the video for "Souls Of The Innocent" below.

Bassist Ned Meloni states: "I’m beyond excited about the release of our new album, Souls Of The Innocent. We’ve managed to stretch our boundaries in some new directions while still maintaining the same path we’ve been on in recent years. There’s an ever present and intangible group X-factor throughout this album as a result of working together for so many years. Our individual and collaborative efforts in both the writing and playing departments have reached new heights on this one. The addition of our new singer, Alexx Panza, brings pleasing new textures and a wonderful vibrato while maintaining the signature, time-tested Burning Starr vocal dynamics. Working with Kevin Burnes again means we have top shelf production values and sonic perfection. I can’t stop listening!"

Souls Of The Innocent continues Jack and the band's commitment to true US style power metal... new vocalist Alexx Panza also continues the band's legacy of discovering great vocal talent.

Jack has the following to say about the new album: "When Virgin Steele put out its first album in 1982 we were asked by the record company to say a few words about it and why people should buy it... I remember all of us discussing the various influences we had and what the songs were about, I recall one member saying people should buy the album because it has some great songs that were very heavy and had cool riffs, I recall someone else in the band saying the vocals were killer and the drums were like thunder and that metal fans would like it, Someone else said the guitar playing is really great. But what I remember most is when the bass player uttered these simple words "Buy It...It's Good"."

Now its forty years later and that sentence makes even more sense. Burning Starr, the band Jack Starr founded in 1984, is on its tenth album... Yes they have gotten better... Yes they have thunderous drums provided by Rhino (former drummer of Manowar) and yes they have killer vocals that some would describe as "pillar crumbling" provided by Alexx Panza, and yes again they have massive and agile playing by long time Burning Starr bassist Ned Meloni... last but not least some great guitar playing by ex-Virgin Steele guitarist Jack Starr.

But after all the hype and catch phrases fade away, the bottom line still remains... and the words still ring true... "Buy it...It's Good".


Souls Of The Innocent tracklisting:
"The Ascension"
"Demons Behind Me"
"I Am The Sinner"
"River Of Blood"
"Souls Of The Innocent"
"Winds Of War"
"Ships In The Night"
"The Wrath Of Attila"
"Road To Hell"
"All Out War"
"Where Eagles Fly"
"When Evil Calls" (Bonus Track)

Look for Burning Starr on the road in 2023 and beyond as they celebrate nearly 40 years of Burning Starr. Many surprises are planned for later this year and into 2023 with a career spanning anthology, reissues of the back catalog and much more!

Burning Starr is:
Jack Starr - Guitars
Alexx Panza - Vocals
Ned Meloni - Bass
Rhino - Drums

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