KREATOR have a long portfolio of works that are considered a must-have among Thrash Metal enthusiasts.

These include all records from the 1980s such as “Pleasure To Kill” or “Terrible Certainty”, as well as newer albums such as “Violent Revolution” or “Phatom Antichrist”.

However, what is often passed over in the musical memory of the fans as well as in the KREATOR live set is the "Endorama" album from 1999. This is now given a second life by AFM Records and comes in the neat 2CD digipak that was remastered Version and the original version.

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Probably not quite, although the disc's opener, “Golden Age”, is one of the few pieces from “Endorama” that found its way into the live set even after the release of the successor “Violent Revolution”.

So it is somehow logical that a lyric video was created for the remastered version of this song. In addition to the digipak version, “Endorama” will also be released on December 17th as vinyl and a strictly limited box. If you are interested in the band's less-noticed creative period, you can buy the disc here.


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