Swedish heavy metal commando Lancer will release their fourth, new studio album Tempest worldwide on August 11, 2023. Today, the band reveals their second single and a music video, for the song "Entity".

"Musically it's a strong piece with multiple key changes and a really redemptive, catchy and fast chorus. Still it has a dark feeling over it, being about hearing destructive voices in your head, controlling your life", comments the band.


Tempest will be released in the following formats:
CD Digipak incl. 2 bonus-tracks
2-LP Gatefold Vinyl incl. 4 bonus tracks (purple, limited to 300 copies)
2-LP Gatefold Vinyl incl. 4 bonus tracks (orange, limited to 300 copies)

At the Atomic Fire Records Webshop you can also order any format along with an exclusive bundle t-shirt. Preorder here.

"I can't believe it's been six years since last time we released an album," says guitarist Fredrik Kelemen and adds: "But with the line-up changes, the pandemic and the intention of making Tempest a great comeback album, we let it take its time. We have developed our sound, it's a bit darker, especially lyrically. Production-wise, more dynamic and gritty. A bigger picture of sound, with elements we have never used before.

“We wanted the artwork of the cover to symbolize this change, with the devastating storm drawing in with the wasteland it creates. We have been known for using birds on our previous album covers, so the demon raven of Tempest seemed only natural, and the title is just a more epic and stronger word for storm, in my opinion.

“Overall I want to use the most well-known cliché of all time: this is the best album we have done so far! And it's totally true, all jokes aside. We are absolutely thrilled to release it to the world!"


Purest Power
Fan The Flames
Out Of The Sun
Blind Faith
We Furiously Reign
Eye For An Eye
The Grand Masquerade
End Of The World (Bonus Track)
Postlude (Bonus Track) 

Lancer is:
Jack L. Stroem - Vocals
Per-Owe "Ewo" Solvelius - Guitar
Fredrik Kelemen - Guitar
Emil Öberg - Bass
Pontus Andrén – Drums

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