MARTYR from Germany, the side-project of INVICTUS-Singer Nicolas Peter, has released their 2 debut EPs “Highway Warriors” and “Fists Of Iron” in March 2020 on MC and digitally. With 3 and 5 tracks respectively, ranging from mid-tempo anthems like “Heavy Metal Outlaw”, “Fists Of Iron” or “Strike of The Whip” to high-speed bangers like “Lightning Strikes”, “Highway Warriors” and “Protectors Of Metal”, MARTYR offers a great mix of classic and catchy Heavy Metal with high-pitched vocals and shredding solos.

Highway Warriors: (13:15)
01. Highway Warriors (3:45)
02. Strike Of The Whip (4:57)
03. Heavy Metal Outlaw (4:33)

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 9.50.34 PM_0.png

Fists Of Iron: (25:53)
01. Lightning Strikes (4:32)
02. Fists Of Iron (5:03)
03. Thunder (Instrumental) (3:13)
04. Protectors Of Metal (5:36)
05. Nothin’ But Metal (7:29)

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