MENTALIST - Melodic Metal from Germany

Mentalist - Freedom Of The Press (Official Lyric Video)

MENTALIST is a Melodic Metal band from Saarbrücken, Germany that was founded in 2018. The group consists of Peter Moog (guitars), Thomen Stauch (drums, ex BLIND GUARDIAN), Kai Stringer (guitars, STARCHILD), Florian Hertel (bass) and Youtube star Rob Lundgren on vocals.
Mentalist‘s music is comprised of Melodic Metal/ Power Metal with a slightly progressive touch. The music is defined through a multitude of guitar melodies and vocal hook lines.
Its major influences come from renowned bands like Iron Maiden, Helloween and Blind Guardian (through Thomen Stauch‘s drums).
Daniel Heiman (ex LOST HORIZON) performs a duet with Lundgren on the song “Belief”; Oliver Palotai (KAMELOT) appears as a guest on all tracks on keyboards except on “Whispering Winds”. Their latest release is called "Freedom Of Speech" and will be released on August 28th, 2020 via Mentalist Records/ Pride & Joy Music.


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