Merciless Law, one of the revelation bands of Chilean heavy metal in recent years, has just released a cover of the classic German heavy metal group Gamma Ray. This is the song "Rebellion In Dreamland" from the 1995 album, Land Of The Free, which in this version features the participation of Bravelord and Domic on vocals, The Knife (Dewok, ex-Parasyche) on bass, Rodrigo “Pudú” Neira (Umvral, Bravelord) on keyboards and, of course, Pancho Ireland on vocals, guitars and drums.


“We wanted our version to be as loyal as possible to the original, although we also sought to give it a more symphonic touch with the help of keyboards, to create an interesting atmosphere. This was something completely new for me, considering that they were several tracks, with different sounds and details, but I think we achieved a very good balance,” says Merciless Law frontman Pancho Ireland.

The origin of this cover comes from Ireland's conversations with Bravelord, who together decided to pay tribute to one of the most famous power metal bands. “This song is probably not the most popular, but it is one of the greatest that Kai Hansen has written, father of the power metal genre and influence not only for us, but for all of us who love this style of music,” says Bravelord, co-producer of this version.

The song was recorded remotely by each of the musicians, being mixed and mastered by Pancho Ireland in Los Angeles, Chile. The cover was the work of Sebastián Jorquera, who has previously worked with Merciless Law and Bravelord, reflecting the cooperation of both musicians in this tribute.

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