MINDLESS SINNER has released a official video for the song "Heaven Will Know". That song is on the album "Missin' Pieces.", which will be released on 19th November 2021 on CD and Vinyl via PURE STEEL RECORDS

After the timeless debut full length classic of Swedish Mindless Sinner,  “Turn On The Power”, the often overlooked, much more melodic second output “Missin’ Pieces” is now also being reissued on vinyl; for the very first time since the original release back in 1989.

A few years earlier, the Swedes simply shortened their band name down to MINDLESS and increasingly oriented themselves towards melodic Hard Rock, which is comparable to the early works of their compatriots Europe. Unfortunately, there was no commercial success at that time, but still today tracks like “Rockin' In The Heat Of The Night”, the synthesizer driven “Hold On”, “Missin' Pieces”, “End Of The Road” and the ballad “Reflections Of Fantasia” can be seen as hidden gems of the genre.

Like the other re-releases "Missin‘ Pieces" will be limited to 300 copies and comes with an inlay, as a bonus there are demo recordings of the album tracks from 1986. A must have for lovers of Swedish Steel!


1. Heaven Will Know
2. Rockin' In The Heat Of The Night
3. A Dream Of A Dream
4. Hold On
5. Run Away
6. Missin' Pieces
7. Caught Up In The Action
8. Reflections Of Fantasia
9. Stranger
10. End Of The Road
11. A Dream Of A Dream - Demo -86
12. Hold On - Demo -86
13. Run Away - Demo -86
14. Reflections Of Fantasia - Demo -86
15. End Of The Road - Demo -86
Total Playing Time: 62:38 min

The release date of the of the album "Missin' Pieces" by the Swedish Heavy Metal Band MINDLESS SINNER on CD is November 19th, 2021 via Pure Steel Records.

Christer Göransson – vocals
Magnus Danneblad – lead guitars
Jerker Edman – lead guitars
Christer Carlson – bass
Tommy Johansson – drums

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