Warrior Path is a greek heavy-power metal band from Athens, founded in 2019 by guitarist Andreas Sinanoglou, featuring Bob Katsionis (ex-Firewind, ex-Serious Black, ex-Imaginery ecc...) on keyboards and guitar, Dave Rundle on drums and Yannis Papadopoulos on vocals.

The band’s self-titled debut (2019) counts over an hour’s worth of 10 Heavy-Power-Melodic metal anthems that tell different stories about War, Pirates & Warriors that can all have an allegoric approach to modern day’s personal struggles as well.

In 2021 the band announced a new swedish singer: Daniel Heiman (ex-Lost Horizon) and the second album titled The Mad King was one of the best releases of 2021.

Released March 1, 2019

Warrior Path is:
Andreas Sinanoglou: Guitar
Yannis Papadopoulos: Vocals
Bob Katsionis: Bass, Keyboards & Guitars
Dave Rundle: Drums

Released March 5, 2021

Daniel Heiman: Vocals
Andreas Sinanoglou: Rhythm & Accoustic Guitars
Bob Katsionis: Lead Guitars, Bass & Keyboards
Dave Rundle: Drums


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