German power metal kings Orden Ogan have released an epic orchestral version of the band's classic song, "Fields Of Sorrow". The track is available on all digital platforms now.

"We were asked about this very version a lot, as it was our live outro on all our shows since the release of our 'Gunmen' album," Orden Ogan singer Seeb states. "So far it was only available as bonus track on the Japanese edition of Gunmen and we're happy to make it available to a bigger audience now."

"Fields Of Sorrow (Orchestral Version)" will also be part of AFM Records' upcoming 25th anniversary label  compilation, 25 Years Metal Addiction, which includes 30 rare or previously unreleased songs.

Despite tough competition (the entire top ten consisted of new entries), power metal masters Orden Ogan prevailed and secured a sensational #3 in the official German album chart back in March. This was the best result the band ever had. BraveWords caught up with frontman Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann to discuss the achievement.

"Hitting #3 on the charts was amazing considering who was behind us: Rob Zombie at #4, Blackmore's Night at #7, Eisbrecher was #1... and then there were acts like Selena Gomez that didn't even make it into the Top 20. I think it says something about the strength of the metal scene in Germany. But, I'm not a super competitive guy. It's much more important to me that I can work on my art - it sounds cheesy when I say that - so my main goal in life has already been achieved. I do what I love to do and make my living from it, so a chart number like that is great and I'm very happy about it, but I don't feel like I'm the greatest musician in the world."


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