Overkill's D.D. Verni Announces New Solo Album, 'Dreadful Company'

M-Theory Audio has announced the second album, and first for M-Theory Audio, from VERNI. If the name sounds familiar, VERNI is the solo project of legendary bassist D.D. Verni, better known as the bassist and a founding member of thrash metal legends OVERKILLD.D. has held the bottom end of OVERKILL for four decades and been key in writing the band's material and overseeing much of their business over the years. VERNI gives D.D. the chance to step more into the spotlight and express himself without limitations.

"Dreadful Company" will be released July 26 on digital, CD and limited-edition vinyl (either black/white marble or traditional black) with insert and digital download card. As a bonus, if you preorder via M-Theory Audio's webstore or through Bandcamp you'll get an individually signed D.D. Verni photo, while supplies last.

Much like his first solo album, 2018's "Barricade"D.D. wrote all the songs on "Dreadful Company" in addition to singing, and playing guitar and bass. While this album bears some resemblance to "Barricade"D.D. lets his punk roots shine through on this album, which leads to 11 blistering tracks chock full of electrified songs and infectious sing-alongs.


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