For four decades, Overkill have been the trailblazers in producing some of the most signature moments in the world of metal. On April 14, the New Jersey thrash legends will bludgeon your ears with their twentieth studio album, entitled Scorched, via Nuclear Blast Records.

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to singer Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth about the album, and you can watch the video below:

Overkill recently offered fans the first taste of the album with the single, "The Surgeon". Listeners will enjoy a crash course in Overkill 101 featuring blistering vocals, surgically shreddy riffs, galloping drums, and the dirty low-end bass that fans come out of the gutter for. A visualizer for “The Surgeon” can be found below. Stream the song here.

Bobby Blitz comments, "Man, it seems like for F-in ever since we chatted!!!! Ha! I tell you what, this is the longest ever between Overkill releases, Feb '19 to April '23. For me, it became my 'peterpandemic' go-to. I wrote my part, tore it down, then again and again. I found myself still changing parts while Colin was mixing!  It became the normal in a very abnormal time, sanity amongst the insanity. Somewhere in 'Scorched' that is all reflected, a common thread, it is the place I went to get what I needed, maybe what "we" needed. It's different, that's for sure an old-school approach/mix in a modern world....was it worth the wait? You tell me.......see ya on the road! Horns up!"

Scorched offered a new recording environment as all members were able to record on their own. The mixing of the record was handled by Colin Richardson and his assistant engineer Chris Clancy. Johnny Rodd helped with producing vocals, and finally, Maor Appelbaum took over mastering and adding finishing touches. The band returned to artist Travis Smith to create the album cover art.


Scorched will be available in the following formats:

- CD Jewel
- Fluorescent Green Cassette (Limited to 400 worldwide)
- Longbox (Limited to 1,000 worldwide)
 * CD Jewel
 * Button
 * Sticker
- Double LP
 * Black
 * Aztec Gold (Limited to 2,500 worldwide)
 * Fresh Green (Limited to 1,000 worldwide)
 * Trans Amber w. Fluorescent Green

Pre-order Scorched in the format of your choice here.


Scorched tracklisting:
"Goin' Home"
"The Surgeon"
"Twist Of The Wick"
"Wicked Place"
"Won't Be Comin Back"
"Harder They Fall"
"Know Her Name"
"Bag O' Bones"

Overkill lineup:
Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth - Vocals
D.D. Verni - Bass
Dave Linsk - Lead Guitar
Derek Tailer - Rhythm Guitar
Jason Bittner - Drums

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