U.S. veterans Pentagram have shared sad news. They've confirmed that former bassist Greg Mayne lost his battle with lung cancer at the age of 68. Greg was part of the band in early seventies.

Statement from the band: ''We lost a hard rock / heavy metal pioneer. With heavy heart, I regret to inform you that Greg Mayne lost his battle with stage four lung cancer. He was one of the most talented, easy going, humble, insightful, agreeable musicians I have ever worked with. His part in the early Pentagram days was crucial. It brings me small solace knowing that his playing and music has finally been heard and enjoyed by millions of people across the world. I am so happy that he took the stage for the one and only ever Bedemon performance in 2015. Seeing him get to shake hands and hug some of his fans was a joy I will always hold. Let's celebrate his music now and forever. His impact and influence is still flourishing. Rest In Power."


Bedemon 2015 (Left to Right) Wino, Geof O’Keefe, Frank Hayes, Greg Mayne


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