Always thought-provoking and eager to explore new avenues, Queensrÿche are releasing a fully AI-generated video for the song, “Tormentum”, taken from their latest album, Digital Noise Alliance. The video was directed by Above The Void, and be viewed below.

The band about the song and concept of the video: “Driving straight into the horrors of crimes against humanity and the rules of the Geneva Convention, this storyline depicts two characters: one as the vulnerable victim in pain, and the other as the captor trying to extract information. The chorus leads with the powerful chant, “Lights Again”, expressing the person finally opening their eyes staring at the interrogation lights above during the dead intervals of torture. The eyes return to being closed tightly as the sessions begin again. The tale ends up highlighting this never-ending cycle of power, control, and greed.”

With a career that not only spans, but has charted the course of multiple genres, Queensrÿche remains a force in their own right. Digital Noise Alliance, Queensrÿche’s 16th studio album, continues their ever-evolving legacy.

Once again teaming up with producer Zeuss (Rob Zombie, Hatebreed), Digital Noise Alliance not only refracts Queensrÿche’s past accomplishments but also pushes into the band’s future. It is the band effortlessly moving from strength to strength: immediate and thought-provoking. Quintessentially Queensrÿche.

Queensrÿche lineup:
Eddie Jackson - Bass
Michael Wilton - Guitar
Todd La Torre - Vocals
Casey Grillo - Drums
Mike Stone - Guitar

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