Italy's Rhapsody Of Fire will release their new album, Glory For Salvation, on November 26 via AFM Records. Listen to the new single, "Magic Signs", below. The album can be pre-ordered here.

The distinctive voice of frontman Giacomo Voli will make Glory For Salvation not only a glorious, grande part of their trilogy, which started with their 2019 album The Eighth Mountain, but a captivating and true metal masterpiece. The energy of each band member is flowing with precision and fury, opera choirs intersect with Voli’s superlative vocals in a cinematic orchestral polyphonic escalation towards the highest epic musical peaks. The deeply inspiring solos by guitarist Roby De Micheli and Alex Staropoli’s magic ochestrations once again create the film score metal at its best!

The album artwork was created by Alex Charleux.

1000x1000 (1)_11.jpg

"Son Of Vengeance"
"The Kingdom Of Ice"
"Glory For Salvation "
"Eternal Snow"
"Terial The Hawk"
"Maid Of The Secret Sand"
"Abyss Of Pain II"
"Infinitae Gloriae"
"Magic Signs"
"I'll Be Your Hero"
"Chains Of Destiny"
"Un'Ode Per L'Eroe"
"La Esencia De Un Rey"

Rhapsody Of Fire recently checked in with the following update: "We are proud to announce that we will be touring all over Continental Europe in January/February 2022 and will be performing songs from our upcoming album, Glory For Salvation in addition to our most iconic anthems! We will be accompanied with special guest Nightmare and opening act Phantom Elite (+ warm-up bands Existance and Manigance in France), which will make each of those shows very special and epic for the fans of the genre".

Tour dates:
18 - Barcelona, Spain - Salamandra
19 - Murcia, Spain - Garaje
20 - Madrid, Spain - Shoko
21 - Valencia, Spain - RockCity
22 - Pamplona, Spain - Totem
24 - Paris, France - Le Petit Bain
25 - Nantes, France - Ferrailleur
26 - Bordeaux, France - Rock School Barbey
27 - Pau, France - L'Ampli
28 - Toulouse, France - Metronum
29 - Marseille, France - Jas Rod
30 - Grenoble, France - Sessynet   L'ilyade

1 - Munich, Germany - Backstage
2 - Siegburg, Germany - Kubana
3 - Diest, Belgium - Hell
4 - Den Hague, Netherlands - Musicon
5 - Leipzig, Germany - Hellraiser
6 - Mörlenbach, Germany - Live Music Hall
8 - Osnabrück, Germany - Bastard Club
9 - Hamburg, Germany - Logo
10 - Essen, Germany - Turock
11 - Nilvange, France - Le Gueulard Plus
12 - Tilburg, Netherlands - Little Devil
13 - Pratteln, Switzerland - Z7
15 - Ubach Palenberg, Germany -   RockFabrik
16 - Warsaw, Poland - Proxima
17 - Vienna, Austria - Viper Room
18 - Prague, Czech Republic - Nova Chmelnice
19 - San Dona di Piave, Italy - Revolver
20 - Milano, Italy -  Legend

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