On April 22nd, 1995, one of the greatest heavy metal singers of all time, Carl Albert, was tragically killed in a car accident, at the very young age of 32, depriving the world of his divine powerful voice.

Carl became worldwide known for his iconic performances with VICIOUS RUMORS, with whom he recorded several classic albums.

At the beginning of his career he sang for RUFFIANS and VILLAIN but in between these two bands, he recorded a little known masterpiece that so far not much was known about.

In summer of '86, Carl Albert (vocals), Val Popovic (guitars), Rick Worley (drums) and Eric Schaffer (bass), under the band name "SCRATCH" recorded one of the most sought after EPs of the 80's that was never officially released on vinyl and CD but only on cassette tape. The 4 song EP entitled "Beyond the Fear" is a legendary underground metal masterpiece that has gained cult status through the years among tape traders and collectors but very little was known about who were the original members behind the project.

Using our super detective skills, we managed to locate Val Popovic and Rick Worley back in 2016 and through a long process that took nearly 6 years, we proudly present you SCRATCH "Beyond the Fear" in its full shining glory, featuring crystal clear remastered sound from the original master tapes.

The reissue is dedicated to the memory of Carl Albert and Eric Schaffer.

Available in 2 different versions:
a) Black Vinyl (Limited to 150 copies!)
b) Gold Vinyl (Limited to 150 copies!)

Comes in deluxe 350gsm sleeve, 180gr vinyl, 2 page insert with band story, lyrics, rare pictures and white polylined inner sleeve.

Release date: October 31st, 2022. Preorder at sonicagerecords


Side A:
1. Beyond The Fear
2. Dying To Live
3. Dragons
4. Tribes
5. Tell Me The Truth

Side B:
1. Beyond The Fear*
2. Dying To Live*
3. Dragons*
4. Tribes*
5. Deep From Within The Heart
* Alternate versions with Jon Brown on Vocals.

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