Skinner, the solo band featuring "The Metal Chameleon" Norman Skinner have released a third single & lyric video for their song “Wicked Whys” from the upcoming album The Dark Design which is to be released spring 2023.

Norman Skinner comments:

“I had planned to release a few singles and videos off the album and this song was one of the top choices from the beginning. It’s a very straight-ahead rocking tune with a lot of great melody and a catchy chorus. The song itself is about discovering one is in a relationship with a very dishonest and manipulative person. However, when trying to exit the relationship the other person suddenly says the right words and shows the proper emotions but it’s truly all a façade. In the end it’s hard to comprehend why a person acts the way they do and I’m sure some listeners will be able to relate with this song.

Skinner has released the singles “How Many Ways I Can Die” and “In Silence” and plan to release at least 1 more before the full album is made available.

Wicked Whys” features performances by:
Vocals: Norman Skinner
Guitars: Abel III
Bass: Jim Pegram
Drums: Noe Luna
Keyboards: Aaron Robitsch

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