Even after four steamy, liver-destroying, gut-stretching decades in the name of heavy metal, there's no stopping the Tankard beer crew. Just in time for the celebrations surrounding their fortieth birthday, Tankard will release their new full-length, Pavlov's Dawgs, on September 30. The record marks the band’s remarkable eighteenth album as well as their debut for the new label, Reaper Entertainment.

In advance of the record’s release, today Tankard reveals first single, "Beerbarians,” proving that even after so many years they’re far from being old hat.

Comments vocalist Gerre, "We're stoked to release our first single ‘Beerbarians’ -- Tankard-typical humor wrapped in a hard-hitting thrash sound with catchy hooklines. Listening in is mandatory! In this sense: carry the fire!"

The matching cover of the single was created by Cliff Knese.


Album and single were produced and recorded again in the Gernhard Studio Troisdorf, together with producer Martin Buchwalter.

The taps are polished, the Freibier is flowing, and Tankard are finally back to what they do best five long years after their last studio album: Thrashing madly, drinking thirstily, and ever so cleverly intertwining metal, humor, and sarcastic social commentary into one big raucous ball of entertainment.

Pavlov's Dawgs, which was recorded and produced at Gernhard Studio Troisdorf together with producer Martin Buchwalter, will be available on CD, vinyl in various color variants, limited earbook with previously unreleased pictures from the last 40 years of Tankard, and as a limited box set which includes two demos on cassette.

Find preorders here.


“Pavlov’s Dawg”
“Diary Of A Nihilist”
“Veins Of Terra”
“Metal Cash Machine”
“Dark Self Intruder”
“Lockdown Forever”
“On The Day I Die” 

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