THRUDVANGAR - New Album "Vegvisir" via Trollzorn

Trollzorn proudly presents "Vegvisir", the sixth studio album of THRUDVANGAR! The vinyl release has been set for November 13th 2020, followed by the CD on November 20th. The band has been an important part of the German scene for almost 20 years now and managed to become a constant in Viking Metal. With "Vegvisir", THRUDVANGAR return to their melodic roots and reflect on the genre's trademarks. Powerful riffs, catchy melodies and grand choirs take the listener on a journey to the ancient myths and legends of the Vikings. The album was produced by Lars Rettkowitz (Freedom Call) at his renowned Emperial Sound Studios.

A video clip for the track "Siegvaters Maid" will be premiered today (Oct. 9th) at 6pm CET, with the band available for a live chat:

Screen Shot 2020-10-09 at 12.18.27 PM_0.png


1. Vegvisir

2. Wächter der Brücke

3. Jörmungandr

4. Ran

5. Hravnagud

6. Fenrirs Brut

7. Siegvaters Maid

8. Sturm aus Eisen

9. Für die Ewigkeit

10. Fardrengir

11. Alles was bleibt


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