Thy Despair New Single "The Free One"

Rockshots Records announce their latest signing of Kiev, Ukraine's THY DESPAIR for the release of their forthcoming album "The Song Of Desolation" due out on May 8, 2020. The dark metal band blends black, gothic, doom, symphonic and melodic death elements into their sound along with vocals being sung in both English and Ukrainian.  Τhey are sharing with fans the first single off the full length 'Free One'.


Thy Despair's new album "The Song of Desolation" follows the band's 2018 debut EP "Free One". Some of the album's lyrics are influenced by the war in eastern Ukraine. "It is a great tragedy for the nation and the main idea of these songs is that you should always fight back and keep freedom in your heart and mind. Lyrics of other songs are inspired by local legends or life experience." says band founder Nephilim.

The album as whole features 10 tracks each with its own tale to tell and a statement that unites all of them together. 

Nephilim adds: "Even when everything goes extremely bad, you should still stay strong, struggle and hope for the best, otherwise you won’t survive or will turn into a backboneless slave."

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Band members:
Elin - Vocals
Nephilim - Vocals / Guitar
Strike - Guitar
Navka - Keys
Alex - Drums
Anton - Bass

Track Listing:
1. The Free One 
2. Sabbath
3. Fear and Despair
4. Burned By Love
5. Last Breath
6. War
7. Army of Dead
8. Falling Star
9. Ghost Rider


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