TIBERIUS- Progressive Metal from Edinburgh

TIBERIUS is a Progressive Metal band that hails from Edinburgh. Being active since 2015 they were awarded "Best Metal Act" in 2017 by the Scottish Alternative Music Awards. On June 26, 2020, they released their first full length "A Peaceful Annihilation" which contains ten tracks. This is what the band said about their album

 "This album has been inspired by real-world events to create songs which deal with broad themes and social issues. While we've taken inspiration from our musical peers and heroes, we feel we have now established our own true identity. It's been an exciting journey that we can't wait to share with everyone!"

Since we are in the "news" section of Metalzone and not in the reviews I can just say that this album is surely worth checking! 

Band Member:
Grant Barclay – Vocals
Chris Foster – Guitar
Jahan Tabrizi – Guitar
Ryan Anderson – Bass
Nick Kelly – Drums

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 8.45.04 AM_1_0.png

Track List:
1. The New Subjugation
2. Mechanical Messiah
3. Skylark
4. Fidelity Lost
5. Anchor
6. Leviathan
7. Dissipate
8. Republican
9. Swansong
10. Kaitum

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