England's Tygers Of Pan Tang announced that bassist Gavin Gray has decided to leave the ranks after 10 years. The band is now looking for replacement. More info can be found below.

Statement from the band as follows: ''After an amazing ten years together, Gav has made the decision to leave the Tygers. Gav has been an integral part of the band throughout and his contribution, both live and as a songwriter/arranger cannot be overestimated. It is a difficult announcement to make and will be upsetting news for many but we are fully supportive of Gav in his future musical endeavours.

"Replacing Gav means that you have very big shoes to fill. You need to be able to commit to around 30 shows a year including dates across the globe. Recording for the next album will begin shortly and gigs for next year are already arranged.

"Send a video clip of yourself playing "Slave To Freedom" from the Wild Cat album and "Damn You" from Ritual. You could simply play along with the tracks (they are readily available on YouTube and Spotify) or construct your own version, it doesn't matter. It would be preferable if you lived in the North of England particularly for rehearsals. So if you can picture yourself playing on stages like the one below at the Bang Your Head Festival send your clips to - [email protected].


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