"Ultimate Anthology" of JONAH QUIZZ by Cult Metal Classics

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, JONAH QUIZZ, the band of drummer Anders Lindgren and Johan Längquist (singer of CANDLEMASS now and on the classic first album of the band), released two iconic demos back in the '80s that gained a huge cult status in the years to come, featuring amazing 80's heavy metal music.

After working closely with Anders and Johan, Cult Metal Classics is presenting for the first time on vinyl and also on CD with 2 completely unreleased bonus tunes, the "Ultimate Anthology" of JONAH QUIZZ, featuring the original band logo, remastered sound, an in-depth interview with Anders and also lyrics and great photos from the old days.

The vinyl and CD versions will be released in June 2020. 

Pre-order will start by late April. 

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1. Attack
2. Gå (Go)
3. Nattsvarta Ögon (Eyes Black as Night)
4. Hjärtlös Stad (Heartless City)
5. Förstör Inte Ditt Liv
6. Varför (Why)
7. Skyarna (The Skies)
8. Dödsängeln (The Angel of Death)
9. Behöver Dig (Need You)
10. Hunter
11. On Broken Wings (Curse of a Vampire)

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