It was recently announced that Sacred Oath have discovered multiple videos of entire concerts from their first tour in 1987 supporting their debut album, A Crystal Vision. The videos were found among the personal items of Gil Cruciani, late father of original guitarist Glen Cruciani.

Watch the band perform "Magick Son" at West Hartford's Agora Ballroom:

Cruciani has been credited with many of the Sacred Oath’s early publicity photos, and now it seems he filmed the band on multiple occasions in ‘87 and ‘88 with a VHS camera when they performed in Connecticut and New York.

“My jaw hit the floor when I saw these videos,” says singer/guitarist Rob Thorne, who started the band in 1985 while a sophomore in high school. “It was like sitting in front of home-movie baby films. First, I couldn’t get over how young we are in them, and then I was shocked at the high level the band was performing at.  I guess I remember that time as one of naïveté, but for a bunch of teenage punks we had our shit together. It’s tight!”

Sacred Oath, who released their eigth album, Return Of The Dragon, in 2021, made their debut back in 1987 with the release of their first album, A Crystal Vision, on Mercenary Records. The record went on to garner cult classic status among power and thrash metal enthusiasts as one of the earlier pieces of power metal and power-thrash. Now the band is embarking on what they’re calling their 35th Anniversary Tour, including all nine songs from A Crystal Vision in the setlist. The tour opens on May 7 in Southington Connecticut.

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