The wait is over, the huge project that has taken 7 years to finish has been released. We Came To Rock - The Official Pretty Maids Journals is written in English and has 372 pages and over 1,300 pictures, all in colour, a book that weighs almost two kilos!

Photographers Rikard Göransson, Kennet Havgaard, Henrik Hildebrandt and many more have contributed to make the story visual. 

Author Ozzie Adenborg has interviewed past and current members of the band, as well as producers Billy Cross, Flemming Rasmussen, Tommy Hansen and Jacob Hansen and managers, journalists and fans. Details have been put together to form a story about a band that wanted to prove that you could come from Horsens in Jutland, Denmark  and still rock the world. Lots of memorabilia, such as ticket stubs, setlists, concert posters, adverts, and a near to complete list of concerts. 

We Came To Rock - The Official Pretty Maids Journals includes a discography, complete list of songs, articles from Horsens Folkeblad to Japan's biggest hard rock magazine Burrn! and so much more. This is a book by a fan for fans. 


"What a trip down memory lane... absolutely fantastic!" - Ken Hammer, guitarist and founder of Pretty Maids

"Really impressed by We Came To Rock - it is a real treasure for the fans!" - Ronnie Atkins, vocalist in Pretty Maids

"Damn, you did a great job. Thank you so much for your dedication" - Allan Delong, former bass player in Pretty Maids

"What a fucking cool book! I wish there was a book like this about KISS!" - Chris Laney, guitarist/keyboard player in Pretty Maids

We Came To Rock - The Pretty Maids Journals is released to time the opening of Heavy [Hævi] Horsens, the special exhibition at Horsens Museum.

Find ordering information at prettymaidsjournals.se.

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