Aisumasen - Tunguska


Remember your first chemistry set? Follow the rules, blend the right chemicals and limited fun can be had but its not long before you get bored and you start adding ingredients that maybe you shouldn't. Foul, noxious odours mingling with heady gasses permeate the air and if you're not careful and your chemistry set is big enough, those gasses can ignite, scalding your skin leaving it raw and weeping, quite similar actually to what Aisumasen has done with their latest release 'Tunguska'. Eight tracks amalgamated into churning vessels of post - metal and sludge but with the added ingredient of funereal doom to create a traumatic cluster of incendiary riffs guaranteed to not just sear your skin but pulverize bone and sinew along with them. 

To say that I'm more than pleasantly surprised by 'Tunguska' is an understatement. Their previous release, the EP  'The Greater Good' is a doom leaden sludgefest that isn't particularly original but is well worth checking out, 'Tunguska' however is essential. Compositions of harrowing grief are bourne aloft by dark, majestic dissonance before being dragged back to bleak reality under the weight of foreboding gloom aided and abetted by a stellar mix that stimulates life into Tunguska's black heart, its a slow beat but enough to ensure that the listener remains riveted, wondering what Aisumasen are prepared to stir next into this hellish cauldron of sound. 



For fans of: Grief, Sixes, Ahab, Evoken, Neurosis, A Storm Of Light, Old Man Gloom, Isis, Primitive Man, Buzzov-en and Yob


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