Onslaught - Generation Antichrist

ONSLAUGHT - Religiousuicide (2020) // Official Lyric Video // AFM Records

Onslaught were formed in Bristol, England by Nige Rockett (guitar) & Paul Hill (bass) in 1983 and began life under the influence of second-generation hardcore punk bands, but exploiting a strong desire for a more metallic sound and the love of Motorhead, they would quickly search out a more defined and original style. The result are albums such as “Power From Hell” (1985), “The Force” (1986), “In Search Of Sanity” (1989) and after a long hiatus also releases like “Killing Peace” (2007), “Sounds Of Violence” (2011) and their latest studio effort “VI” (2013). Now it is time to add another gem to their legacy – Onslaught are ready to unleash a new beast with Generation Antichrist via AFM Records. 

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