Guitarist Toby Knapp has issued the following update on the forthcoming Onward album, Of Epoch And Inferno, the first official studio album of new music since Reawaken, released in 2002

Knapp: "The album is currently being mastered at Audio Art Studio in Las Vegas, NV by world renowned engineer, Brett Hansen. I'm starting to get excited about it, it was a long process with some unexpected hurdles, but we made it through and the album is really strong.

Vocalist Robert Van War got the job because he actually stepped forward and introduced himself and wanted to help with the vocal situation. The vocalists I was talking to, or rather, attempted to speak with, just blew me off. You'd think a Michael Grant clone would jump at the chance of doing an Onward album. So, to the Onward fans who wanted that sound, I tried. Everyone's a rock star and everyone's an asshole.

I listened to the Attika albums Rob sang on, I started to become enthused about a completely different vocal approach than found on previous Onward albums. Robert hadn't heard of Onward, he was aware of me through my Shrapnel Records album. I said to him 'I hear Bobby Blitz Ellsworth and Udo Dirkschneider in your voice,' I asked him to bring that style forth a bit more. The music is more aggressive this time around and calls for slightly more abrasive vocals. I'm really happy. The guitar playing is Akira Takasaki influenced and the vocals spit venom. A nice combination."

Of Epoch And Inferno will be released via Cruz Del Sur Music later this year. 

Knapp: "I'm getting to four states and six different towns, things are coming along nicely. I do hope to do a much bigger tour next year. As soon as the Onward album is mastered and turned into Cruz Del Sur Music, I'll follow up with another instrumental solo album for Moribund Records."

Knapp's eighth solo album, From The Aether, was issued on Moribund Records earlier this year.

Knapp continues: "I'm thrilled and a little shocked I haven't lost any of the fire and desire to play and make music after 30 years in the professional music business. If anything, I'm more focused and productive than I've been in a very long time."

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