Second studio album for the German EISENHAUER via Rafchild Records

On 6th June the second studio album Blessed Be The Hunter of the German EISENHAUER will be released via  Rafchild Records.  

Influences from giants like Black Sabbath and Dio are unmistakable with  EISENHAUER adding a pinch of Trouble, Samhain/Danzig and In Solitude in a well-dosed way. The quartet's powerful overall sound is rounded off with partly massive nuances of Grand Magus and Manilla Road, which brings a delicious touch of obscure moods.

The ten compositions of "Blessed Be The Hunter" also provide heaps of pithy, roaring dynamics with deliberate cross-references to acts like Cro-Mags, Slayer and Sacred Reich.



Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 8.32.12 PM_0.png

Cover art  "Blessed Be The Hunter"
Artwork: Gabriel Turner Byrne 

01. Priestess Of Delight 05:25
02. Gods Of Pain 07:07
03. Release The Beast 5:58
04. Sun Under My Breast 01:06
05. Wild Boar Banner 04:52
06. Ghost Warrior 04:58
07. Ode To The Hammer 05:35
08. Mountain 05:04
09. Tyrannus 02:54
10. Cult 06:36

Christian 'Waxe' Wagner • Vocals, Guitar
Simon Bihlmayer • Guitar
Thomas 'Ase' Aschermann • Bass
Johann Bechteler • Drums


2012 - Never Surrender (Full-length)
2015 -Horse Of Hell (EP)
2020 - Blessed Be The Hunter (Full-length)


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