Speed metal trio, Stälker, strikes again! Returning with their new 12” double single vinyl, Cranking Evil, they present two brand new Necronomicon-induced incantations to be revealed today.

Churning somewhere in between Judas Priest, Motörhead, and Venom, Stälker mercilessly dashes through the underground metal world. Summoning boundless evil, their reckless soundscapes will spew from the musical cauldron as Daif, Nick, and Chris have conjured up possessing, pure speed metal.

With unstoppable velocity, Stälker rushes towards the top of the genre with their new single “Kneel And Worship” and display their invincible power. The song rams like a speeding train, commencing a new era for the genre. Join the unstoppable sonic ride of “Kneel And Worship”.

Stälker on “Kneel And Worship”: “Against the iron gates, you stand at the brink of destruction. Will you kneel? Or has your time finally come?”

Never hitting the brakes, Stälker’s underground punk attitude introduces a new age that unites metal and rock n’ roll with no sweat. The group’s 2017 full length debut, Shadow Of The Sword, brought a new voice to the speed metal scene as the band battered their way through the underground metal world with 10 riff-packed tracks of pure Judas Priest, Motörhead and Venom worship! Soon after, fans rejoiced as the band released their heavily awaited sophomore album, Black Majik Terror, in 2020. The album brought another onslaught of pure speed metal cacophony filled with more power and more riffs, enchanting metalheads and rock n’ rollers to open up mosh pits left and right.


Cranking Evil is available in the following formats:

- 12” Double Single LTD White
- 12” Double Single LTD Red
- Digital Double Single

Order here.

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