Tanagra Successfully Resolves Trademark Dispute With Swiss Corporation Nagra

You may remember back in February of this year, Portland’s Tanagra was having a legal battle with Swiss audio recording company Nagra and the parent company Kudelski. The issue arose when Nagra felt the metal band’s trademark application may conflict with their trademark based on a similar, yet different name. Facing the possibility of having to rebrand, Tanagra began liquidating their current merchandise and braced themselves for the worst.

When metal fans around the world began to make noise about this situation, the corporation took notice and agreed to negotiate with the band. With the assistance of Sevag Demirjian and Armen Martin of Foundation Law, Tanagra emerged victorious six months later with Nagra giving up their claim. Tanagra makes the following statement:

“Most of the agreement is confidential, but it's largely uninteresting. We resolved the issue on amicable bases. This is a pretty good win for us in that we'll keep our trademark and Nagra has dropped their opposition. We want to give a huge thank you to our fans who supported us through all of this.”

With their sails full of wind again, Tanagra has hinted that they have really cool stuff coming up in the next six months, so keep your eyes peeled.

You can find the band's latest album "Meridiem" (For fans of Caladan Brood, Blind Guardian, I.Q., Iced Earth, Visigoth) 

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