Winterage will release the new album Nekyia on July 7 through Scarlet Records. First single and video (made by Giancarlo Galante) for "The Cult Of Hecate" is streaming below. 

Produced by Winterage, recorded and mixed by Gabriele Ravaglia and Gianmarco Bambini at Fear Studio and Tommy Talamanca at Nadir Music Studio; mastered by Jacob Hansen, Nekyia will be released in the following formats:

-digipak CD

Preorder/pre-save Nekyia here.

Nekyia introduces a new side of Winterage, thanks to an even more bombastic and theatrical feel.

The present course of the Italian symphonic power metal band is extremely influenced by the epic-cinematic style of Two Steps From Hell and opera music; the sheer heavy metal impact has been strengthened too.

From high-pitched notes to dramatic operatic vocals, from folk instruments to the mighty orchestral sound, from furious blast-beats to extremely fast guitar riffs and solos, this album truly display the sensational Winterage evolution and the grandiose, triumphant impact of their sound.


“Apertio ad Profundum”
“Simurgh The Firebird”
“The Cult Of Hecate”
“La Fonte d’Essenza”
“Dark Enchatment”
“White Leviathan”
“Metamorphosis, A Macabre Ritual”
“Resurrectio ad Mundum”

Daniele Barbarossa - vocals
Gianmarco Bambini - guitar
Gabriele Boschi - violin and orchestral arrangements
Matteo Serlenga - bass
Luca Ghiglione - drums

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