FORESHADOWER - Foreshadower


FORESHADOWER ~ Foreshadower

There has been an aural black hole lurking just out of most peoples radar silently, stealthily, sucking up light and matter and now its come into our solar system, an unstoppable interplanetary Goliath.

FORESHADOWER the band, hails from Copenhagen and this is their debut album. Six tracks of punishing post-doom/sludge that HYATARI or OMEGA MASSIF in their pomp would have been proud of. Its an instrumental which on any other day would switch me off a little, but I'll forgive the band  because the vortex the riffs on this creates would just swallow any vocal delivery anyway. The track listings look like something out of a Nautical Almanac, but the coordinates here are the pathway to Hell. Normally, longish instrumentals tend to bore me, but this isn't the case with FORESHADOWER , each track ebbs and flows occasionally drawing breath but always dramatic.

FORESHADOWER is the doom version of Gustav Holst's 'The Planets' ...Supermassive!!!
* 'Foreshadower' will be available on vinyl in 2020 here

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