Order Of The Ebon Hand

Grá live at Temple Athens

Bowel of Noise proudly presents: The undisputed masters of Swedish Underground Black Metal finally make their triumphant return to Athens! Grá recently released their third album called "Väsen" and it is in the wake of this album the band is doing selected shows around Europe. The ritual at Temple will be their first in 2019 and since Grá isn't touring that much we encourage you to come and witness this exclusive event! It will be a night fully dedicated to the Devil's tribe! The ship of Charon returns to the shores of Hellas...


Πριν 23 χρόνια ιδρύονται οι Order of the Ebon Hand, την αρχική σύνθεση της μπάντας αποτελούν ο Merkaal (μπάσο φωνή), ο Lorthar (κιθάρα) και ο Lethe (τύμπανα). Κυκλοφορούν την πρώτη τους δουλειά το The Mystic Path to the Netherworld το 1997 το οποίο τους φέρνει στην πρώτη γραμμή της εγχώριας σκηνής.

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